Kevin Horsefield Photography

I traveled to Wyoming twice this summer in July and August.  The second trip was certainly a challenge because of smoke and haze from wildfires.  In fact, it rendered the second part of that trip, a visit to the Pacific northwest a giant waste of time.  Anyway, there is a saying about lemons and lemonade which never quite comes to mind when I'm presented with less than ideal conditions, but, alas.

When I arrived in Yellowstone in July, I challenged myself to find some new places to set up my tripod.  Of course, it's an immense park, but since I'm lazy, I didn't wan't to venture too far from the road.  Thankfully, I still managed to find many new spots.  They didn't always work on the first trip, so I returned to a few on the second trip.  All in all, it was worth looking around.

A few examples of my efforts can be found under "Recent Work".