Kevin Horsefield Photography

In October of this year my plan was to travel to West Virginia and Tennesee to shoot fall color.  As the month progressed it became more and more obvious that fall color was either going to be very late or totally non-existent due to a very warm and wet September.  A quick change of plans led me to Utah instead.

This ended up being a very wise decision.  I can't always claim to make those, but the color in Capitol Reef National Park and Zion National Park was very  nice despite the extreme drought that that part of the country endured this year.

Finding a few new spots such as Skyline Rim and Leprechaun Canyon was icing on the cake.

I would also add that the ability to spend multiple days at locations such as Green River Overlook and Skyline Rim was certainly a plus.  The option of waiting for the good light is certainly a plus when I'm traveling in the U.S. as opposed to being restricted to hotel reservations and such when traveling with a group.  Having total flexibility is a real plus.

A few examples of my efforts can be found under "Recent Work".